I should toss my hackintosh out the window

Not really a hackintosh, since OS X won’t boot anymore. Google won’t find how to fix it, so you are on your own. Not really worth fixing either, the only fix I know is reinstalling. Unplugging my keyboard and mouse to use mini computer is a pain. Didn’t buy it and plan on using my wired keyboard and mouse with it. I should get a real mac and see if it dies if you turn it off when waking it up and the screen doesn’t show up yet.

It’s a Gibson knockoff

The guitar I’m borrowing is a Gibson knockoff. Couldn’t find a price for the knockoffs, just the real ones. So I have no idea how much it’s worth. It works with Rock Smith, so I could care less if it’s a knockoff.

Rock Smith works

Looks like it doesn’t like my cheap walmart guitar. I was told it was mostly tuned, probably why it was easy to tune it. Holding the guitar can be painful, and trying to put your fingers on the right strings sucks too. Doesn’t seem to hurt when you strum it with your fingers on the strings. I did the chord lesson, did horrible too.

Skinnier fingers and a bigger hand would help.

Hackintosh didn’t fix itself

Turned it on to see if it fixed itself. Same panic. If you want to kill your hackintosh, turn it off when you are waking it up, before you get an image on your monitor.

Will a different guitar work with Rock Smith?


Borrowing a guitar from my mom’s ex husband, not sure why he’s letting me borrow a guitar. What’s the level for on it? Is it one of those guitars that stay in tune if you flip the level? Grandma was talking about that. I flipped the switch both ways, so if that’s what it does, I probably will have to tune it. How much does he want for the guitar and bag? That bag is way nicer then my cheap walmart guitar came with. I get paid on the 1st.

If it works, I’ll give my neighbor Jack my cheap ass guitar, maybe.

Damn hackintosh is dead, can’t see if tuning works with Garage Band.

I give up

Can’t tune my guitar with Rocksmith. It just keeps saying not to hit the other strings, and then it says to tighten it. If I keep tightening it, I’ll break the string. I think my guitar is broken. I did loosen it, and eventually it said to loosen it more. Going to get lots of complaints if I keep doing the beginning of Rocksmith. You have to strum the strings really loud to calibrate it. I couldn’t tune this guitar with my computer either. Jason tuned it with the thing I bought. Should of left it how it was and canceled the tuning.

I could also be an idiot and hitting the other strings. Wouldn’t surprise me.

Can get a new guitar for 200 bucks at Guitar Center. 100 bucks for a crappy kit on Amazon.

Not sure Rocksmith will work with an out of tune guitar.

How do you pair a mouse to a hackintosh without a wired mouse?

I unpaired my magic mouse so I can re pair it and see if the mouse works correctly. No way to pair the mouse without a mouse, no popup in OS X like you usually get when there’s no mouse.

Looks like it isn’t going to go to sleep. Will need to turn the monitor or the hackintosh off. Finally went to sleep.

Maybe if I wake it up, it’ll show the no mouse thing. Maybe not. Nope, just went back to sleep. Only the monitor went to sleep.