I could install WoW on intel nuc

Seeing as I haven’t been using my desktop since I installed 4 more gigs of memory. I have 26 GB free on my 60 GB SSD. That might be barely enough for the game. Don’t think playing with a magic mouse would be very fun. Not disconnecting better mouse from my desktop.

Is your hackintosh slow?

Looks like OS X needs at least 8 GB of memory, otherwise it’ll seem slow. Should of bought one 8 GB stick, then I could of upgraded to 16 GB.

Hackintosh is upgraded

Got 4 GB more of RAM today from Amazon. Should be the same as the stick I already had. Doesn’t say made by Micron like the first stick, also the first stick doesn’t say Crucial on the sticker that’s on the RAM. That is under system report.

Seems to be faster now. 10 bucks for a 15 foot digital coaxial audio cable. Could use that to connect mini directly to sound bar. Can’t hear the static, only if I put my ear to the sound bar, and it might only do that when no sound is coming from mini computer. Could be the monoprice cable I got.

Not sure 8 GB is going to be enough, it’s using around 6 GB almost 7 already.