Shouldn’t I be in bed?

Sure enough my Intel NUC has an antenna, the cables are on the side of the case by the mini pci express slots. I had to hook up my regular keyboard and mouse to copy the patch to get my card working. Not sure how I connected one of the cables, it wouldn’t go on, but the other one snaps right on. I used a tiny screw driver to try and move the pins or whatever, I can barely see it, and I only have two hands. I’d need four hands for that job, one for flashlight, one to hold it, one to hold screw driver, and magnifier in the last hand. Getting the plastic off of the connectors/cables was a pain in the ass.

Can I wake hackintosh up with my keyboard or mouse now? Nope. Better go to bed, hackintosh no longer needs a USB bluetooth adapter.

Hackintosh still works

The uptime is 34 days, it’s been sleeping most of that time. Could install WoW on it and see if it works on my Intel NUC hackintosh. A review said it did, so I don’t think I need to install/test it. It already lags on my desktop. Not sure if it does in Windows or not.

Guitar is fixed

Jason showed me how to change the strings, getting them off is probably harder then getting them on. He also tuned it with the 20 dollar tuner I got. Might need to plug HDMI cable back into hackintosh, so I can do the free lessons in GarageBand.

Yup playing the guitar is impossible

Can’t tune it, because GarageBand stays at -50. There’s something rattling inside of it. I could return it, but that would probably cost as much as the guitar or more. The tuning sort of works in linux. So I guess OS X is crap for guitars. Don’t have windows installed, so can’t comment if that works better. Oh yeah it’ll stay at -50 if you mess with the cable, even when it’s unplugged.

Sell my hackintosh and buy a real guitar. Don’t use tracktion in linux, the sound is messed up. Audacity is free.