Will more RAM speed up my hackintosh?

I think the newer versions of OS X are designed to use all the memory. That’s the only reason I’m using all 4 GB of RAM. The video uses the RAM too, it doesn’t have it’s own. Kind of doubt more RAM would speed it up. It’s working fine with only 4 GB. I’ll get another 4 GB next month, or maybe on black Friday if they have a 4 GB stick for 20 bucks. I don’t mind mixing brands of memory. If it’s only 20 bucks, it’s worth the risk, just make sure the voltage is 1.35.

Should of ordered a 8 GB stick to begin with, 68 or 69 bucks. Two 4 GB sticks will be close to 80 bucks. Oh well. But if I ordered a 8 GB stick, I could buy another one and have 16 GB of RAM.