That might be what I need. Then I can stream my music over AirPlay to my linux computer, bypassing the line in port that isn’t perfect. It would probably make more sense to just play the music on my desktop. It’ll be streaming the song from my shared linux drive, then my linux desktop will get the sound from AirPlay. iTunes is better then rhythmbox.

Shairport on Arch Linux wiki

Finally got it to work, had to use ‘– -d plughw:0,1’. Now I need a system wide AirPlay. That was easy, go to the sound output and select your other computer. Now I don’t even need the audio cable.

There’s a big delay in videos. Oh well, it’s only cartoons.

I might have an old Airfoil license, might be able to buy an upgrade. Does Airfoil speakers work better then Shairport?

Play Web Video
With Airfoil Video Player’s new Web mode, you can watch Netflix, Hulu & more, in sync with remote audio.

Sweet, I’ll see if I can buy an upgrade, I’m gonna run out of money soon too. I don’t want to use their speaker program, the AUR package hasn’t been updated since 2012, and people are saying it fails to build.

Should of tested Airfoil before buying it. The web player doesn’t work, it’s all corrupted, probably cause I’m on a hackintosh. The local video player works.