Mini hackintosh


A hackintosh is a great alternative to the new non upgradeable mac mini.

Intel NUC BOXD54250WYKH1 Intel 4th Gen Intel Core i5-4250U with Intel HD Graphics 5000
Crucial 4GB Single DDR3 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) CL11 SODIMM 204-Pin 1.35V/1.5V Notebook Memory Module CT51264BF160B
Kingston Digital, Inc. SSDNow V+200 60GB SATA 3 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive with Adapter (SVP200S37A/60G) (I wouldn’t buy a newer model Kingston, they changed something after shipping better drives to reviewers.)
Broadcom BCM943225HMB 2×2 802.11b/g/n Wireless + BlueTooth 3.0 Combo Card
Sabrent USB-SND8 8-Channel 3D USB 2.0 External 7.1 Surround Sound Box with Digital Output

You can find a how to install OS X on the Intel NUC here. That how to also has instructions for making your own fusion drive, you need a mSATA SSD and a regular drive in the 2.5 bay. I don’t care about fusion drives or space, I’m already sharing the stuff I’ll need from my linux computer.

The only downside is you need access to a real mac or a hackintosh to make the bootable thumb drive.

Apple will probably never release a version of OS X for non macs. Maybe right before they cease to exist.

The wifi + bluetooth card requires an antenna. Didn’t know that, so removed it and am using a USB bluetooth adapter. Ethernet works for me.


To get sound working go here.

Not using the built in sound, USB sound card works better.

Update 11/19/14

Apparently the NUC was supposed to come with an antenna. I checked the box, didn’t see one. Don’t feel like opening the NUC to see if there’s an antenna in there, doubt it. Probably would of noticed.

Update 12/25/14

The NUC did indeed come with an antenna, the cables to connect to your wifi/bluetooth card are on the side of the case by the mini pci express slots.