Maybe I should forget about a mac or hackintosh

Sucks Apple killed the mac mini with the latest update. Over a thousand bucks for the base model with 16 GB of RAM and the fusion drive. You have to order it that way, or try to desolder the RAM and possibly void the warranty upgrading the hard drive. I might have some old laptop memory, just have to make sure it’s 1.35V. Don’t see any laptop memory.

Intel NUC BOXD54250WYKH1

Looks like I’ll be buying that next month. OS X probably won’t work on it, but oh well. I’ll have a mini computer that’s better then the new mac mini.

Yup OS X works on it.

You can buy the Intel NUC on Amazon.

I’ll email my grandpa eventually and ask if I can use his iMac to make the USB drive to install OS X on the NUC. I’ll only get 4 GB of RAM to start with, I’ll upgrade it to 8 GB in the future.

Apple is promoting/encouraging Hackintoshes by releasing a crappy mac mini.

If OS X doesn’t work on it, I can put linux on it. There won’t be any windows on it.