Build a new hackintosh?

A 4 GHz Intel CPU would be nice. AMD will most likely always be slower, their CPUs work, but I can’t use OS X with them. You have to use Intel, if you want a hackintosh. The recommendation is to use gigabyte motherboards. I’m not buying any motherboards from them. I tried rebuilding my sister’s computer with a gigabyte motherboard, and I couldn’t get any video, tried removing battery, but nothing helped. Probably cause it was originally used with a dedicated video card. I ended up bending the pins, when I was re-seating the CPU. That’s why I like AMD, the pins are on the CPU, not the motherboard. Does asrock work with OS X?

I don’t really need OS X anyways. Linux probably wouldn’t even need to be reinstalled. Windows would though, or restore the backup to dissimilar hardware. All the SATA ports on a asrock motherboard for $135 are 6 gb/s. When I bought my AMD motherboard, I think Intel motherboards only had two of the new SATA connectors. Two wouldn’t be enough if I wanted OS X. Or maybe the cheaper motherboards only have two SATA 6 gb/s connectors. Yup the cheap ones only have two SATA 6 gb/s connectors, that’s pretty lame. A AMD motherboard for the same price has all 6 gb/s connectors.

Guess if you want Intel, you have to pay more a on a motherboard too. I probably won’t build a new computer. Not until this one doesn’t work.